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Home Издания 1993-2009 гг. Издания 2009 года Russia: a history of the twentieth century

histori_of_XX_centRussia: a history of the twentieth century. Materials for course the lections / G. Bordjugov, S. Devyatov, E. Kotelenets, A. Titkov. – M.: MediaPress, AIRO-XXI, 2009. – 288 с: ил.

ISBN 978-5-902750-09-3

This textbook presents the main contours of Russian twentieth-century history in an easy manner.
Its essay-like chapters provide room for discussion and debate. Moreover, much of the material exploits new methods and new ideas. Especially interesting are the essays concerning the way history is remembered, a subject which is given too little consideration in Russian historiography.
The reference materials are addressed to university teachers and research staff working with foreign undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. They will also be interest to people studying Russian history and to visitors and other who want to get a deeper insight into the Russia's past while also learning about trends in the development and chosen paths of Russia in the twentieth-century.



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