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2016 г. The unknown Primakov

NP englishThe unknown Primakov. Memoirs. – Moscow: Publishing house TPP RF; Pub- lishing house Rossiyskaya gazeta; AIRO-XXI, 2016. – 464 p.; with ill., in color.

ISBN 978-5-91022-352-7.

Presidents, heads of the Russian government, ministers of Foreign Affairs, party and social movements leaders, businessmen and friends share their thoughts about the man, politician and scientist whom they knew personally. Many recollections have been brought to public for the first time, both in Russia and abroad. The majority of the photographs from the personal archives of the authors have been also published for the first time.

The Editorial Board:
V.I. Matvienko, Co-chairman
S. Ye. Naryshkin, Co-chairman
S.N. Katyrin, Deputy Co-chairman

Members of the Board:
V.P. Androsov
R.S. Grinberg
A.A. Dynkin
S.V. Lavrov
V.A. Sadovnichiy
V. Ye. Fortov

The first edition of «Unknown Primakov. Memoirs» was produced with the support of:
– Alisher Usmanov – founder of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation;
– Rustam Minninkhanov – President of the Tatarstan Republic;
– Ural Mining and Metallurgical company UMMC-holding, Director General Andrey Kozitsyn;
– The Joint-stock company Eurocement Group, Filaret Galchev, Chairman of the Board of Directors;
– The joint-stock сompany Expocenter, Director General Sergey Bednov;
– Public joint-stock company World Trade Center, Director General Vladimir Strashko;
– Penza region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vladimir Podobed, CCI President;
– International Legal initiatives Support Fund;
– Krasnodar region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yury Tkachenko, Chairman of the Council.

Editorial team
(overall logistics, compilation, introduction):
A.M. Rybakov (project leader)
G.A. Bordyugov
V.L. Malkevich
I.L. Mitrofanov Ye. A. Primakov
A.I. Shkirando

Translation team:
Olga Golechkova (chief) Olga Yarmarkina Anton Arkhipov
Aleksey Tereschenko Natalia Glinskaya Konstantin Gorin

Editors of the English language edition:
Paul T. Christensen, Professor, Political Science Department, Boston College,
Ekaterina Mironova, Doctoral Candidate Department of Linguistics, Boston College

Background research for the project was carried out
by Research Scientific Centre Association of researchers of the Russian
society (RSC AIRO-XXI)
Elena Kotelenets, Anatoly Lozhkin, project executive managers

Table of contents

Part 1
Valentina MATVIENKO. Primakov’s style
Aleksandr LUKASHENKO. Mentor
Nursultan NAZARBAYEV. A world-class politician
Sergey KATYRIN. 10 years at Ilinka
Mintimer SHAIMIEV. Our dear Teacher
Aleksandr DZASOKHOV. The Master of Friendship
Andrey FURSENKO. He could change things by his word
Konstantin KOSACHEV. A Virtuoso of political prognostication
Oleg POPTSOV. A chance for Russia

Part 2
Viktor SADOVNICHIY. He has always been regarded as a teacher
Aleksandr DYNKIN. The Thinker
Vladislav FRONIN. Lessons in professionalism and integrity
Genrikh BOROVIK. We ought to remember him as a great person
Genrikh YUSHKYAVITCHIUS. Primakov was here

Part 3
Mikhail FRADKOV. Unrevealed facts about the life of Russia’s first Foreign Intelligence Director
Vyacheslav TRUBNIKOV. “…eternal rest, grant unto him”
Yury KOTOV. Tough negotiations
Sergey IVANOV. How and what I learned from Yevgeny Maksimovich
Grigory RAPOTA. The intelligence officers looked up to the Academician.

Part 4
Sergey LAVROV. A friend and a teacher
Igor IVANOV. His mere presence encouraged others to be kinder
Mahmud ABBAS. An outstanding statesman
Shimon PERES. A true Arabist
Henry KISSINGER. An irreplaceable partner
Madeleine ALBRIGHT. East-West Story
Javier SOLANA. Aspiration for mutual understanding
Hervé de CHARETTE. In the interest of building a multipolar world
Hubert VÉDRINE. Tough but open to dialogue
Lamberto DINI. Not personal ambitions, but only a sense of duty
Zivadin JOVANOVIC. Primakov was greatly trusted in Belgrade

Part 5
Sergey STEPASHIN. The man of the epoch
Victor ZUBKOV. Deeply concerned for the destiny of his country
Pavel KRASHENINNIKOV. Primakov’s truth
Victor GERASHCHENKO. He was very comfortable to work with
Alla GRYAZNOVA. The unforgettable happiness of sharing his life path
Gennady ZYUGANOV. To follow his precepts is the best way to remember the man
Vladimir ZHIRINOVSKY. He knew our country perfectly
Irina YAROVAYA. Legacy of Union

Part 6
Vyacheslav GOLITSYN. Safety and protection
Boris PASTUKHOV. The one who went at it bald-headed
Vladimir SHAMANOV. The Airborne Forces Day brought us together
Georgy PETROV. He was a true pathfinder
Boris TITOV. Theoretician for economic growth
Ivan GORELOVSKY. Talented in every respect
Andrey KLEPACH. Primakov's know-how and the future of Russia
Yury YAKUTIN. Always in the know
Pavel DOROKHIN. Work with details
Valery KUZNETSOV. Primakov’s National Idea
Rafik NISHANOV. A long journey together
Melor STURUA. True friendship knows no Table of Ranks
Aleksandra PAKHMUTOVA, Nikolay DOBRONRAVOV. True citizen
Iosif KOBZON. He was the heart and soul of every evening
Georgiy DANELIYA. A precious gift
Zurab TSERETELI. He knew how to appreciate and inspire creative people
David IOSELIANI. He was seen as a leader, a person to rely on
Archimandrite SERGIY. He made Russia great again

Aleksandr RYBAKOV, Gennady BORDYUGOV. Primakov's Lessons.
In lieu of a conclusion



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