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A History of Twentieth Century

A history of the twentieth centuryis a genius work that takes the reader to the very bottom of the events regarding the Russia along the twentieth century. In the West many things are said about history of Russia and many questions remained unanswered in my mind. This book is not only giving answer to questions about ups and downs of the largest country of the world. It makes the reader feel the reality of the events. Different quotes and pictures of those who play a role in the scenes; the dates and statistics used by the authors cause this book to be like a live TV program.

Anyone who is seeking to know why, how, what happened in Russia in the last century should read this book. Since the past affects and influences deeply the present of any society and the Russian one is not an exception, so to deal properly with Russia and its people today the authors offer way to the roots of this society.

The methods used by the author will enable the reader in her/his personal research about other historical events in other countries.

Before starting any judgment of the dictatorial or democratic figures in Russian history of the twentieth century, I recommend this book to you!.

Eliezer Cassy
PR student from Haiti at People's Friendship University of Russia