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Леннарт Самуэльсон
Музей истории ГУЛАГа



Dear Friends at AIRO-XXI! Congratulations at your Quarter-Century Jubilee!

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of AIRO Publishing Company, I heartily congratulate you at the editorial board, and all the authors who have had their books published by AIRO!
So many far-sighted initiatives were started by Gennadyi Bordiugov in the late 1990s. They reflect his earlier experience, since the glasnost period, of struggling for a new historiography. Already in the late 1980s, Bordiugov and his colleague Vladimir Kozlov set the agenda for tackling “the hard questions” (vremya trudnykh voprosov) in a manner that positively distinguished them from the general trend of “Soviet-era-bashing” that was predominant in particular in the popular press but even among academic historians.
When AIRO-XX (as it was then called) was founded, the publishing company had more than traditional ambitions; see for example, their series “My first publication” that opened for young Russian historians to have a monograph published for an all-Russian audience. “My first publication in Russia” was another series initiative, where Western and Japanese scholars were introduced to Russian historians. Already from the start, AIRO emphasized the importance of grand surveys, by numerous scholars in solid volumes, concerning the evolution of Russian historiography in a broad sense. As grand commemoratives approached, in 2015 and 2017 (of Victory Day in World War II, resp. the 1917 Revolution in Russia), AIRO-XXI started solid monitoring of all political, social and strictly scientific activities. The two solid volumes concerning jubilee events and activities in Russia stand out as the best introductions to history policy by the authorities, as well as renewed research and publication efforts at universities and museum.
Suffice it to mention these pertinent initiatives – many more pioneering efforts from AIRO could be mentioned – to high-light why the books from AIRO-XXI, at its first quarter-century, continue to be of such great value for the scholarly community of historians, inside Russia and abroad! I am certain that AIRO-XXI will continue to surprise, spur and encourage us with more pioneering studies on Russia’s fascinating 20th century, by stimulating books of new as well as established authors and, finally, by their broad pedagogical efforts to acquaint the broad public in Russia with the latest accomplishments of devoted historians. I wish you further success!

Lennart Samuelson
Stockholm School of Economics

PS. My first monograph in Russian “Krasnyi koloss: Stanovlenie sovetskogo voenno-promyshlennogo kompleksa, 1925 – 1941” was published by AIRO-XX in 2001. As the print-run was soon sold out, it is comforting to find that internet-reprint versions of my book are among the most frequently quoted works concerning the Soviet MIC!


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