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Home Издания 2021 года History issues of Russian 20th century

angl uchebnik 2021

Barabash V., Bordyugov G., Devyatov S., Kotelenets E.
History issues of Russian 20th century / Translation editor M. Kupriyanova. – М.: АИРО-ХХI, 2021. – 336 с.

ISBN 978-5-91022-488-3

A Study guide for students of the Faculty of Philology in the major of «Journalism», «Television Broadcasting» and «Advertising and Public Relations» at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.









Theme 1
The Study of Modern Russian History: Main Characteristics and Trends


Theme 2
Russia at the Beginning of the 20th century: Its Self-Image, Economic and Political Organization, and Contradictions of its Development
Theme 3
Festival of the Oppressed or Social Disease? The Nature of the Russian Revolutions
Theme 4
Emergency Measures and the “Extreme Emergency Regime” in the Soviet Republic and Other State Formations on the Territory of Russia, 1918–1920
Theme 5
From “War Communism” to the New Economic Policy: Contradictions of the NEP
Theme 6
NEP Downsizing and the Transformation of the Policy of Extraordinary Measures into a Permanent System of Government
Theme 7
The 1930s: Crises, Reforms, Repressions
Theme 8
The Hierarchy of the Great Terror
Theme 9
Illusions and Awakening of the Generation of 1930s
Theme 10
The Great Patriotic War 1941–1945: Main Events and Popular Mood in the Unoccupied Soviet Union
Theme 11
The People and Problems of the Post-War Era
Theme 12
The Khrushchev’s Thaw and Its Reverse Side
Theme 13
Sixties and Seventies: From Reforms to Stagnation
Theme 14
The 1980s: The Space of Power and a Search for New Ways of Historical Progress
Theme 15
August putsch of 1991 and the Termidor of Yeltsin


Theme 16
The Realm of Power Under Vladimir Putin
Theme 17
Reforms and The Hierarchy of National Projects
Theme 18
Locating of the Revolutionary Period of 1917 in Russian Historical Memory
Theme 19
The Great Victory of 1945 in Historical Memory
Theme 20
Twentieth-century Russian Utopias: Archaeology of the Future as Imagined by the State and Desired by the Intelligentsia

I. Maps
II. Main events, dates and glossary
III. Selected biographies