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Home Издания 2019 года Malkevich V.L Russia and the United States: Fated to be Together?

malkevich russia usaMalkevich V.L.
Russia and the United States: Fated to be Together? – Moscow: AIRO-XXI, 2019. – 408 p, illustrated.

ISBN 978-5-902484-85-1


This book analyzes the causes, effects and recovery from two major shocks to the economy in the 20th century: the Great Depression of the 1930s in the USA, and the Russian post-Soviet depression of the 1990s in post-Soviet Russia. It explores the contours of these two events and the role of oligarchs and the state in their unfolding.
The author studies and compares the Russian and US economies starting from the first contacts between American colonists and Russians, all the way up to contemporary multilateral interstate relations between the two countries.
The book is intended for a wide readership interested in Russia–United States relations as well as for specialists with expertise in international affairs.
The publication includes illustrations and photographs reflecting the long, multifaceted history of economic relations between Russia and the United States.



A word to the reader

Chapter 1  A historical outline

Chapter 2  The Unites States  and Russia in the late 19th and early 20th century

Chapter 3  The Great depression  in the USA

Chapter 4  World War II

Chapter 5  The quarter century following World  War II

Chapter 6  Two decades before  the dissolution of the Soviet Union

Chapter 7  Information warfare against Russia

Chapter 8  Russia's post-soviet depression

Chapter 9  Oligarchy in post-soviet Russia

Instead of a conclusion


About the author